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The 3:3:300 rule for greener, healthier and more resilient cities

February 23, 2024
Cities are responsible for 70% of all carbon emissions; buildings for 39%, so how we design and manage urban spaces now and in the future matters. Greening and nature-based solutions – the practice of introducing nature and vegetation into human environments – make cities healthier, more joyful and equitable....
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Ask the Expert : Copenhagen's three-steps approach to sustainability

February 21, 2024
Copenhagen is renowned worldwide as a pioneer of sustainable urban development, and as UNESCO’s World Capital of Architecture for 2023, the city has also been exploring the different ways in which architecture and urban design contribute to meeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have asked Camilla van...
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Building Regs "Part O" and window specification

December 18, 2023
The introduction of Part O, and how does it affect windows specification As temperatures across Europe continue to break records, cool and comfortable housing is becoming a priority especially in countries where air conditioning is rarely installed. Building Regulation Part O, launched in June 2022, aims to address...
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Ask the Expert: Maximising daylight in Northern European city planning

September 13, 2023
A conversation with Paul Rogers, Architect and Daylight Specialist, Stockholm Urban planning is always challenging, and especially in Northern latitudes (above 55 degrees). Here - because of the combination of climate and light conditions - it is extremely important to achieve the optimum interaction between daylight...
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Housebuilding case study: Silkash, Westhoughton

February 8, 2023
Silkash, by North West-based homebuilder Northstone, is a design-led neighbourhood of 150 family homes, each featuring VELFAC aluminium/timber double and triple glazed windows. Northstone Operations Director Craig Nutter specified VELFAC for a number of reasons but particularly wanted to install windows which could...
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Ask the expert: Daylight and adaptive architecture - the future of the facade

June 17, 2022
In the opinion of one of Denmark’s leading daylight experts, modern architecture must adapt to the dynamics of daylight to meet demand for more natural light. According to Ellen Kathrine Hansen, head of research at the Lighting Design Lab at Aalborg University, this means encouraging architects to design more flexible...
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