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The 3:3:300 rule for greener, healthier and more resilient cities

February 23, 2024
Cities are responsible for 70% of all carbon emissions; buildings for 39%, so how we design and manage urban spaces now and in the future matters. Greening and nature-based solutions – the practice of introducing nature and vegetation into human environments – make cities healthier, more joyful and equitable....
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Adding value to housing developments with the perfect indoor climate

January 31, 2022
Key to the ‘ideal home’ is a good indoor climate - the ideal balance of light, temperature, air quality and noise control. Prospective buyers are actively seeking comfortable and practical places which are also cheaper to run and maintain. If housebuilders can achieve the ideal indoor climate without design...
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Glazing design consultancy – a supplier checklist

September 13, 2021
The ideal glazing specification should represent the best combination of product, performance, compliance and budget. Achieving this ideal, however, demands specific expertise especially when specifying high performance windows. A specification which is too broad could compromise architectural intent (if adjustments...
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Cost comparison for window specification – how to achieve budget certainty and deliver design vision

February 2, 2021
As ‘value for money’ remains core to every project brief, cost comparison analysis should always be the first step in the specification process. Cost comparison enables specifiers to analyse and compare supplier estimates and performance assumptions in terms of the measurable, lifetime performance expectations and...
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