The Purelake Group - A Decade Of Velfac Installations

October 10, 2016

The Purelake Group has a strong reputation for delivering innovative projects across southeast London and beyond, primarily focusing on brownfield residential developments, office and commercial buildings.


At The Purelake Group the portfolio also includes exciting mixed-use schemes such as the current transformation of a former office block site into a combination of retail units, student accommodation, performance spaces, and a new hotel for a major chain.

The preferred choice

This project, along with many others (including Purelake’s own HQ) feature VELFAC windows and doors, as Purelake director Noel Convert explains: ‘VELFAC has been installed in the majority of Purelake new build developments for around a decade, and whenever possible the system is always our preferred choice, especially if the alternative is all aluminium.’

Specified for a range of reasons

VELFAC composite aluminum wood glazing is specified for a range of reasons, says Noel: ‘It’s flexible in terms of design, very robust in use, and offers excellent u-values and acoustic performance. The quality inherent in the VELFAC system also means little post-sales input is required, and a very low call-back rate.’ This is particularly welcome for Purelake’s Housing Association clients who are prepared to invest in good quality, low maintenance products they can withstand heavy use, and deliver the high levels of acoustic protection and insulation required in a flatted, inner city development.

‘VELFAC design input is also very detailed and thorough,’ adds Noel. ‘We have forged a strong relationship with the VELFAC team and as a result involve them very early on in design meetings with our architects to ensure all the various interfaces work and that all statutory compliances are covered.’

Adding value and looking good

But Purelake also champions VELFAC because ‘we really like the look of the system,’ says Noel, ‘especially the slim frames’, which now feature in Purelake’s award winning HQ in Bromley. Highly praised for its energy efficient design, Purelake House uses VELFAC glazing to maximise natural daylight on a highly restricted site, and to contribute to the low energy performance and environmentally friendly ethos of the building as a whole. ‘We’ve tried many window systems, but VELFAC is one of the few glazing products we use repeatedly,’ concludes Noel. ‘It offers excellent value for money given the quality built into the product, requires minimal post-sales support and ongoing maintenance, and makes a project look good, adding value immediately and over the longer term.’

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