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Case study: Fair Rising

04. May 2023
Fair Rising_2

Construction company boss Jeremy Westcott was certain VELFAC composite glazing would be the perfect choice for his stunning new-build family home.

Project information

Sector: Self-build

Contractor/Architect: Westcott Construction / Carl Leroy Smith

Owner: Jeremy Westcott

Specified for: Slim frames and contemporary style • Tried and tested performance • Thermal and acoustic insulation • VELFAC expertise


‘A significant part of my business is the approved installation of VELFAC glazing, so I knew it was a great product,’ he says. ‘I really like the slim-line frame as it delivers a larger area of glass and is ideally suited to contemporary architecture,’ he explains. ‘The system is also tried and tested – it’s a very solid product which functions extremely well.’

Elegance and Views: Fair Rising Embraces Beautiful South Downs Location with VELFAC Glazed Facades"

Designed by architect Carl Leroy Smith, Fair Rising makes the most of a beautiful location on the edge of the South Downs National Park. The front elevation features full height glazed facades which rise into the distinctive double pitched roof. The windows bring maximum light – and beautiful views – into living and dining areas, and into first floor bedrooms which also feature VELFAC glazed sliding doors opening onto balconies. At the rear, an impressive, full-width VELFAC bi-fold door links the kitchen to a courtyard paved with local stone, with an additional balcony above. Both internal timber and external aluminium frames have been painted black which, says Jeremy, ‘is a definite style statement. It also gives greater emphasis to the internal frame while externally the black frame blends into the glass façade’


Fair Rising_5


Efficient and Well-Protected

Given the generous use of glass, Jeremy and Carl actively mitigated the impact of unwanted solar gain by specifying manually opening VELFAC units, motorised VELUX roof windows, and an MHVR system which together maintain good air circulation. The glazing is also set back 1200mm into the façade to gain extra shade from the extended timber-framed eaves and walls, and also from the first floor balconies.

Working with VELFAC experts, Jeremy was able to meet thermal targets and building regulations with a combination of triple and double glazed units: ‘As new build homes have to be both energy efficient and satisfy the latest security standards, we installed triple glazing at ground level and double glazing above, both of which are Secured by Design approved and offer excellent U-values. As a result our heating bills are low, despite the vaulted ceilings, and acoustic insulation is very impressive.’ Installing so many large windows did present some significant technical challenges, but Jeremy drew on his own expertise to ensure all went smoothly: ‘To install the upper windows at Fair Rising, for example, we had to construct a first-floor loading bay within the scaffolding, and use a crane to lift the units into position. This shows the importance of careful planning when installing large glazed units in order to minimise risk to people and to protect the product.’


Fair Rising_4


Jeremy and his family were delighted to move into Fair Rising, which proved to be such a successful project that Jeremy has used it as a showroom for clients interested in the VELFAC system: ‘The house is very enjoyable to live in,’ he says, ‘and as a result I will continue to specify VELFAC glazing in future developments, and to recommend the system to my clients.’

Considering VELFAC?

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