Beachdown, Challaborough, Devon

October 10, 2016

VELFAC windows are adding value to series of distinctive houses built overlooking the popular Devon seaside village of Challaborough, while also making the most of some impressive cliff-top views.

Stylish and resistant building caused by the high perfomance windows

Stylish and Resistant

The Beachdown development comprises 12 homes, each using VELFAC full height glazing to create stylish façades, maximising natural light while delivering exceptional low energy performance and resistance to the sometimes dramatic coastal weather.

Adding Quality

‘The low profile VELFAC window design gives the contemporary feel we wanted for the Beachdown development, adding to the overall quality of the project,’ comments George Williams of property developer Beachdown Ltd. ‘We considered a number of glazing products during the specification phase, as we wanted a low maintenance but highly durable system which was aesthetically impressive but also able to withstand a marine environment; the VELFAC system met this challenging brief, with external test results guaranteeing air tightness and water resistance even in extreme weather conditions.’

Performance at a Competitive Price

The VELFAC system combines design and performance, says George: ‘It offers a low profile frame, excellent insulation, high quality detailing such as internal glazing beads for added security, and very competitive pricing. We were also impressed with the technical understanding of the VELFAC team when they presented the product to us, and the fact that VELFAC glazing comes from the same stable as VELUX – having used VELUX products before we were aware of the quality and service that the brand represents.’

Challenging Site

The Beachdown development presented George, VELFAC and contractor Freshfields with an unusual construction challenge as the houses are built on a specially levelled cliff-top site. ‘Construction was difficult on such a restricted site, but VELFAC was quick to respond to issues as they arose, again using their technical know-how together with a pragmatic and common sense approach to help resolve any problems.’

Aesthetically Pleasing

‘The glazing has delivered exactly the stylish and modern look we wanted to achieve; it is a fantastic product and we are delighted with the result,’ says George Williams, adding; ‘We chose a deliberately ‘conservative’ colour palette for both the exterior aluminium – to complement the wooden cladding we used – and the interior pine frame, but as the glazing is available in a wide range of frame finishes we hope to use more adventurous colours in future projects.’ 

Developer: Beachdown Ltd

Contractor: Freshfields Construction Ltd

You can download this case study here.


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