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Ordering VELFAC windows? Read our top tips on how to keep costs low

08. August 2019

With so many ways to go over budget, managing costs is a major concern for self-builders and renovators. Here’s some advice on how to keep costs down when specifying VELFAC windows:

VELFAC employee and customer calculating costs and looking at drawings of new windows

Double or triple glazing? Cut costs by mixing the two

If you want to maximise energy efficiency then you are probably considering triple glazing for your new home or extension. Triple glazing certainly provides excellent insulation, but it can also be up to 20 per cent more expensive than double glazing. However, as VELFAC double glazing already offers impressive low energy performance, double glazed windows may be all you need to meet your thermal efficiency targets, or you may only need triple glazing for north-facing walls. Every location and building elevation is different, so a mix of double and triple glazing can cut costs without compromising thermal efficiency.

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Opening functions range in price

The cheapest windows have the simplest opening functions – hinges at the side (side-hung) or at the top (top-guided). Options such as reversible or side-guided windows windows are ideal for specific locations (where cleaning is difficult, for example) but will cost more, and it may not be worth spending the extra when a top-guided window provides a very similar functionality - and for less money.  

Fixed windows are even cheaper

Does every window have to open? VELFAC fixed and opening windows look identical but fixed windows are cheaper - so if combine both to reduce costs.

To see VELFAC windows opening functions, click here

More frames – more money

Multi-window screens can make a fantastic visual statement, especially in an entrance hall or around a staircase. However, as window pricing is based on frame length, multiple small windows will cost more – for the same area - than larger window units or a single large window (and VELFAC can manufacture some of the largest windows currently available for domestic installation). Less frame and more glass also equals more natural light which can, in turn, reduce your need for artificial light and heat thereby reducing energy bills.

Opt for standard frame finishes

VELFAC aluminium frames are polyester powder coated as standard, with internal timber frames painted or varnished. Choose from the full range of RAL colours and specify different frame finishes, inside and out, at no extra cost. We also offer anodised or ‘granite’ finishes but these are more expensive and can increase lead times when you order your windows.

Optional accessories add to the bill

VELFAC offers a range of optional extras, but save money by specifying accessories such as restrictors or child-proof handles only where needed.

Plan delivery carefully

If your VELFAC windows are ready before you need them on site then you could incur storage charges, so talk to your builder to make sure delivery is accurately scheduled.

Use a VELFAC approved joiner

VELFAC approved joiners are trained to install VELFAC windows correctly, and their work is guaranteed for six years – eliminating any risk of window damage or compromised performance resulting from incorrect installation.

Can you reclaim VAT on your windows?

Some self-build new home projects qualify for VAT refunds on materials such as VELFAC windows. Visit the HMRC website to find out if your project is eligible.

Talk to us before you buy!

If you talk to our experts as early as possible in the planning process we can make sure that the windows you specify deliver the style and performance you want, for the budget you have to spend.


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