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Ventilation, windows and building regulations - self-builders advice

October 14, 2022
Good ventilation can be an afterthought for many self-builders, especially given the current emphasis on insulation, air tightness and low energy performance. Yet fresh air is key to a happy and healthy home. It helps removes irritants such as pollen and dust, and can reduce problems such as condensation or mould...
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What is a sustainable window?

August 26, 2022
A guide to choosing windows and doors that are good for your home and for the planet. Climate change, the drive for ‘net zero’ carbon*, and the launch of the Future Homes Standard** - these are all reasons to specify building products designed to cause little or no damage to the environment throughout their entire...
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Create the perfect home office with high performance windows

January 25, 2022
A home office space has become a ‘must have’ for any dream home – a dedicated room which the whole family can use, whether to ‘work from home’, catch up on school work, or manage a busy household in peace. The ideal home office should be comfortable, practical and productive, which means it must have the perfect...
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Ordering VELFAC windows? Read our top tips on how to keep costs low

August 8, 2019
With so many ways to go over budget, managing costs is a major concern for self-builders and renovators. Here’s some advice on how to keep costs down when specifying VELFAC windows: Double or triple glazing? Cut costs by mixing the two If you want to maximise energy efficiency then you are probably considering triple...
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Sliding, bi-fold or hinged? How to choose the ideal glazed patio door for your home

June 24, 2019
When choosing patio doors, many self-builders and renovators are confused by the range of designs and functions on offer, and not always sure if their ideal design will suit their home. Here’s some advice on how to make the right choice. Sliding doors - ideal for any location, especially where space is tight, such as...
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Condensation on windows

June 4, 2019
Condensation on glass window panes is a natural phenomenon that cannot be completely avoided, no matter how well insulated your house or how efficient your double-glazing is. This blog post explains how and why condensation occurs, and what you can do to control it. 1. Why is there condensation on my windows?...
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September 5, 2018
If you’re a fan of TV homebuilding shows then you’ve probably seen the VELFAC system being installed in some of the UK’s more interesting self-build projects. A firm favourite with architects across the country, VELFAC windows and doors are also a popular choice for self-builders and renovators, who like the system’s...
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Composite, wood, PVCu or metal windows? Choose the right window

March 16, 2018
Choosing the right type of window for your project can make a big difference to the comfort of your home, your energy bills and your ongoing maintenance costs. Here’s a quick guide to the different window materials currently available, to help you start the decision making process. Wood Advantages: Warm, natural wood...
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Choosing the right frame colour for your home

February 7, 2018
Windows today are available in a multitude of different colours. The VELFAC system, for example, comes in every Classic RAL shade, and can feature different colours inside and out. But how do you choose the right colour for your home? Windows and doors will be a feature of your property for many years, so it’s always...
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Going away on holiday - How to make life difficult for burglars

February 7, 2018
Summer holidays, Easter breaks, Christmas with the family – popular times to go away are also popular with burglars. So don’t make it easy for thieves to target an empty home by taking a few sensible precautions before you start your journey: 1) Shine a light A light makes your home look occupied – especially if your...
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